Clive Kelly Historical
An introduction to Captain Clive Kelly13mins
Captain Clive Kelly is a true Indigenista, he has been involved with native people throughout South America and has championed their causes for many years and continues to do so.
Neride & Strawberry Fields3 mins
Clive and Neride and the birth of their child, and the creation of the Strawberry Fields nudist club in Brazil.
Red Faced in Argentina8.5 mins
Clive interviewed (in Spanish) on Argentinian TV about indigenous people and civilisation.
The first English interviewee accepted by authorities after the Malvinas/Falklands war.
The Clive Kelly Story33mins
An overview from childhood in Manchester to the fight against the Belo Monte dam.
Captain Clive Kelly On TV30 mins
TV interview with Clive on Kontacto.
Tribute to Tambi8.5 mins
Tambi and Clive lived together for many years, and shared many adventures on land and sea. See TANIA NOMURA for an account of her heroic action.