The CubiKlubs
There is an article about the CubiKlub on the excellent site Manchester Beat, much of it in Clive's own words, and with many pictures of Clive and the artists that appeared there.

Interestingly, it includes several accounts from readers that on a night (16th of April, 1964) when the Rolling Stones were billed to perform at the CubiKlub in Rochdale, just two of them (Brian Jones and either Keith Richards or Bill Wyman - accounts vary) turned up on time, and the others were unable to get through the crush and mayhem outside.
All the Stones eventually arrived (they were all seen leaving), but were too late to perform. The Stones had been paid beforehand, and Mick Jagger promised Clive that they owed him a gig. Clive is currently trying to cash in that promise in order to raise money to fight the construction of the Belo Monte dam, which threatens the habitat of the Xingu Indians in the Amazon.