The following email has been received by Clive Kelly from Planete Amazone ,
date: 19 May 2019 at 18:10:43 BST:
Subject: URGENT concerning Chief RAONI and a message from his nephew, the leader Megaron Txucarramae:

You will be aware of the current European tour of Chief Raoni Metuktire, organized by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and the Association ForÍt Virgo.
Chief Megaron Txucarramae, nephew of Chief Raoni, and himself a respected leader of the Kayapo people, asked us to send you this message to inform you of his legitimate concern, a concern that we share, and to see the file we have just published on Planete Amazone:

    [- French site - English translation.]

Chief Megaron had agreed to accompany his uncle for this trip, to protect him, as he has always done. He tells us that he was dismissed at the last moment by Mr. Dutilleux, as well as the one who was to act as official translator.

As we have denounced this campaign on our communication media, you will understand that we are not in the best position to reason the organizers. Maybe you can?
For the record, Planete Amazone has organized two European tours with the Chiefs Raoni and Megaron.
Amazon Planet

Message from Chief Megaron about the current European tour of his uncle, Chief Raoni:

I am very concerned about my uncle Raoni's trip through the countries of Europe.
His first campaign with Sting was to demarcate the indigenous land Mekragnoti, and the Brazilian government was aware of the campaign and the FUNAI was too.

This current trip was organized by Jean Pierre, and is only for himself. He did not disclose the purpose of this campaign. We have only recently learned about the creation of the Xingu Institute and what resources would be collected as part of the Xingu Institute campaign.
We are worried about the image and the name of Chief Raoni. He is over 80 years old and we, his nephews, are worried about him, and his grandson Beptuk is also very worried about his grandfather.

Here is my message sent to Jean Pierre:

"Jean Pierre, you did not present with us the proposal to create the Xingu Institute, you did not explain what resource collected during the campaign would go to the Xingu Institute and what resources would be used from the Xingu Indigenous Park. Most of the local leaders did not know about it.

Also, Jean Pierre, the speech of Chief Raoni is not translated correctly. We need you to send a plane ticket for a translator, either Bepo Metuktire or Patxon Metuktire.
Chief Raoni spoke of the land Kapot-Nhinore, which has not been translated in the media for the European public.

The public need to know what Chef Raoni is about, what he wants to convey and what he expects from European citizens, and what support he is asking from the European citizens. Jean-Pierre, please send me a plane ticket so that I can help my uncle Raoni.