Clive Kelly: The Big Interview.
The Big Interviewpart 1:  42mins
Clive talks about opera singing bouncers, opening clubs, being taught by Lonnie Donegan, teaching the disabled to make jewellery.
The Big Interviewpart 2:  42mins
Insects. Silver back gorillas (hands for souvenirs). Many photos on facebook, but many stations in life so each tells a story. Perspectives from cultures.
The Big Interviewpart 3:  42mins
Taking trees takes everything. Religion a con - be yourself. TV aerial erector in Blackpool. Not gay, not against gays. Brazil military. Cilla at Cubiklub.
The Big Interviewpart 4:  43mins
Sleepovers with Brian Epstein. Sleeping tablets, uppers, downers all in locked cabinet in kitchen, so his death being due to overdose not feasible.
The Big Interviewpart 5:  7mins
Paid £350 to Stones for show they never gave. If Stones do the show they owe, money can be used to stop the dam. Elton John, Paul Varley. Nude at flat.
The Big Clive Kelly Interview
Interviewer: Kevin Fairclough